SilkAir Flight 185 - A 737 crashed into the Musi River in Indonesia. Soon

Singapore Airlines Flight 006 (FLV) (Link 2) - A747 crashes on take-off at Taipei. New

Valujet 592 (FLV) (Link 2) - A DC9 crashes shortly after departure in Miami. (ACI episode) New

Reeve Aleutian Airways Flight 8 (Link 2) - A Lookheed Electra suffers an explosive decompression and loss of control after an engine failure. New

Leaving the Earth
- "First Person" on Denny Fitch: pilot, survivor...hero.  A really good documentary on United 232.

United Airlines Flight 232
(Link 2) (FLV) - Mayday episode on the famous DC-10 accident in Sioux City.

Qantas Flight 32 (Link 2) (FLV) - An A380 suffers an engine explosion and makes an emergency landing.

The Linate Airport Disaster
(Link 2) (MP4) - Scandinavian Airlines Flight 686 collided on take-off  into a Cessna Citation 2.

TACA Airlines 110
(MP4) - A Boeing 737 lost power in both engines over New Orleans, Louisiana.

Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 - AKA as Miracle in the Andes, a charter flight crashed in the mountains and 16 survivors were rescued more than two months after the crash.

Tenerife Air Disaster - DC Air Crash Disasters. (Yes, another Tenerife episode...)

TWA Flight 800 - DC Air crash Disasters.

Pan Am Flight 103 - DC Air crash Disasters.

Fear of Flying (Link 2) - DC Air crash Disasters.

When Planes Go Down (Link 2) - DC Air crash Disasters.

Cleared For Landing (Link 2) - DC Air crash Disasters.

PSA Flight 1771
(Link 2) (FLV version) - A BAE146 crashes near Cayucos, California, on December 7, 1987.

Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 (Link 2) (MP4 version) - A DC8 tries to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff.

PSA Flight 182
(Link 2) (Link 3) -  A B727 collided with a Cessna 172 over a residential area in San Diego.

Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509 (Link 2) - A747 crashes shortly after take-off from London Stansted Airport.

Northwest Airlines Flight 85 (Link 2) - A 747 is cruising at FL350 when a problem comes up and is forced to make an emergency landing.

Continental Express Flight 2574 (Link 2) (Link 3) - An E120 crashes on approach to Houston.

British European Airways Flight 609 (Link 2) - Crashed shortly after take off in Munich. 

Why Planes Crash - Fire in the Sky
(Link 2) - Swissair 111, Valujet 592, Air Canada 797, Air France 4590.

Arrow Air Flight 1285 (Link 2) - A DC-8 crashes shortly after takeoff from Gander.

TAM Airlines Flight 3054
(Link 2) -  An A320 crashed upon landing during rain in São Paulo.

West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 (Link 2) - A MD80 crashes while flying in stormy weather.

Why Planes Crash - Breaking Point (Link 2) - Structural failure: Aloha 243, Japan Airlines 123, United 811, American 191.

Why Planes Crash - Brace For Impact (Link 2) - Water landing: Pan Am 6, US Airways 1549, Ethiopian 961, ALM 980.

Why Planes Crash - Human Error (Link 2) - American 587, Eastern 401 and runway collision at LAX.

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